What To Expect From An Adoption Home Study

At the end of a long workday, the last thing you probably feel like doing is playing around on the floor with a couple of kids. Learn why this matters.

What To Expect From An Adoption Home Study

What To Expect From An Adoption Home Study

19 February 2015
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If you are looking to adopt, then you are going to have to work with your adoption agency in order to become an approved household for adopting a child. An adoption agency will want to know a great deal of information about you and your family to ensure that any child placed up for adoption will be able to have a fit home with you. One step during the adoption process is to go through an adoption home study. Here's what to expect and what information is going to be gathered by your adoption agent:

  • Information About Family Background
    As a way to understand your family and make the right match for your adopted child, your adoption agent is going to want to know about your family's background, as well as how you feel about discipline, your fears, and so forth. 
  • The Neighborhood
    You need to be able to describe your neighborhood and discuss what makes it a great environment to raise a child in. What is the school system going to be like and how does it compare to other schools in the surrounding areas? Also, are you close to your neighbors and is the community tight knit? These are going to be important questions to answer since it helps the adoption agent to build a better understanding of the environment in which you will be raising your child. 
  • Your Health
    You must be prepared to give a detailed list about your health, as well as your partner's health and any other children you may have. This is important to understand what kind of financial situations you may be in as far as health costs go and whether or not you are going to be able to provide for certain children that may be eligible for adoption based on their own health needs. In some cases, an adoption agency may ask you and your partner to undergo a physical exam for their own records. If you have any health issues, be prepared to discuss with the adoption agency about how these health issues will not affect your ability to raise a child. 
  • Interview with Your Children
    If you already have children, you need to prepare them to be interviewed by the adoption agency. Your adoption agent will want to know how your child feels about the potential to adopt and will usually talk to a social worker on their own to help the adoption agency get a better understanding of your child's feelings. 

By knowing what to prepare for when it comes to an adoption home study, you can be sure that you are better prepared and able to answer all questions that are to be expected. See this website for more information.

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